CEC4EUROPE takes the lead: ECESP Leadership Group on the textile sector

Andreas Bartl

In Autumn 2019, the Coordination Group of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) decided to create focus groups to hold in-depth discussions and to deliver orientations on priority topics such as food, construction, textiles, green public and procurement, circular cities & villages, retailers & consumers, Circular tourism – island and mountain regions and circular and creative industries.

CEC4Europe’s Andreas Bartl, Senior Scientist at TU Vienna’s Institute of Chemical, Environmental & Bioscience Engineering and head of the research group on textiles at TU Vienna, took the lead of the ECESP’s focus group on textiles.

Textiles are a vast category. The ECESP leadership group on textile focused on the TGLF value chain. Their discussion focused on ways to address essential challenges from a social, environmental and economic perspective.

The group led by CEC4Europe and composed of Ecopreneur, RREUSE, CSCP, EEB, IRCEM, OVAM and Ellen MacArthur Foundation released their reflections on the textile, garment, leather and footwear (TGLF) industry. Their discussion focused on key questions in the textile sector with particular attention to business models and design.

Read the strategy paper here:

The paper will be presented at the annual ECESP Conference during a workshop on Textiles, which will also be prepared and led by CEC4Europe.
We would like to thank Andreas Bartl and his colleague Wolfgang Ipsmiller (also with TU Vienna) for their dedication and hard work.