European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

EU Stakeholder Platform

In March 2017, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has founded the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) together with the EU Commission. With this platform, relevant stakeholders and the civil society should be involved in the realisation of key areas of the EU Action Plan on the Circular Economy „Closing the loop – […]

4th International Polymer Congress, Wels/Austria, 4-5 December 2017

Plastics cluster

The 4th International Polymer Congress, organised by the Plastics Cluster, focusses on an early detection of new technology trends for plastics. A successful transfer of know-how to businesses is a key factor for a sustainable development. Hans Fellner, CEC4Europe, will give a talk about “Comprehensive analysis and quantification of national plastic flows: The case of […]

Workshop on Management of Resources in a Circular Economy, Vienna, 19 October 2017

BOKU WS Ressourcenmanagement

The workshop was organised by the Institute of Waste Management at the BOKU-University Vienna (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences), member of CEC4Europe, as part of the project “The resource potential of the Austrian industry in a Circular Economy”. Key questions of the workshop were unused resource potentials in the Austrian economy the driving […]

9th Austria Glas ReCIRCLE, 21 June 2017

Harald Hauke, CEO of Austria Glass Recycling, invited Anders Wijkman, co-president of the Club of Rome, to give a talk about “How do we make the Circular economy a reality?” during the 9th Austria Glas ReCIRCLE. Various experts in the field of sustainability and representatives of business, politics and administration were joining the discussion.

Dornbirn-Man-Made Fibers Congress 2017, Dornbirn, AT, 13-15 September 2017

Dornbirn MFC logo

The Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress, organized by the Austrian Man-made Fibers Institute will cover areas like downstream manufacturing stages is to serve as a generator of ideas and the basis for networking and learn more about the most recent innovations in the global fiber industry.

Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference, Brussels, BE – 9-10 March 2017

Circular Economy Stakeholder

During the Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference, the Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform was announced. The agenda of the conference included the following topics (accessible via webstreaming): Introduction – An inter-institutional endeavour Plenary Session I – The Circular Economy in motion The Plastics Strategy Monitoring Framework Promotion of water reuse Options for Interface between chemicals, products & […]