Raw materials are vital for our economy. Within the EU, as well as in many industrialized regions of the world, there is a strong dependency on imports as many raw materials are scarce or unaccessable.

The availability of natural resources is determined by geological factors and cannot be changed. We as a society have developed three tools – second-order resources – to help us overcome the unequal distribution of natural resources: economy and trade, diplomacy (including warfare), and technology for improved efficiency of use, substitution of critical or scarce raw materials, and recycling. Sociology is perhaps a fourth component to be added to the toolbox, as it impacts the demand for resources by questioning and changing our perception of what we need and consumer behaviour, among other things.

Dialogue among the scientific community

CEC4Europe is in constant dialogue with renowned scientists on the topics of waste and resource management, economics, as well as political science. Results of this dialogue will be published for download in CEC4Europe’s Fact Book on the Circular Economy.

If you are interested in joinig the scientific discussion, please contact our team (

Dialogue with European institutions

CEC4Europe aims at supporting European institutions with scientific facts and decision-making tools. As new questions occur during this dialogue, proposals for new research topics are welcome, broadening our scope.

CEC4Europe participated in the Public Consultation on the Circular Economy launched by the European Commission from June to August 2015 and sustains an ongoing high-level dialogue with key representatives of the European institutions. Furthermore, the platform organizes briefings, meetings, round tables and expert talks to disseminate facts and discuss recommendations for a comprehensive and fact-based Circular Economy Package. Furthermore, since 2017, CEC4Europe is Committee Member of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP).

If you are interested in our input to the public consultation, please find here the questionnaire. A summary of the results of the public consultation with about 1500 contributions is available here.

Dialogue with Business

CEC4Europe is committed to supporting the development of an effective and efficient CE by collaboration and exchange with the business community and leading corporations, involving both supply of and demand for raw materials, and especially the appropriate quality standards of secondary raw materials. CEC4Europe is in close dialogue with business associations and companies ranging from FMCGs to automotive, electronics, construction, industry or extractive industries. If you are in these or other businesses and interested in participating in CEC4Europe, please contact our team (